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MECardMECard Student

What is an MECard?
The MECard is a smart card that serves as an electronic ticket for use on the Metro Express (ME). It’s the most convenient way for you to pay your travel costs, eliminating the need to purchase a Single-use Ticket for each journey. The prepaid card stores the monetary value available, from which the cost of journeys made are automatically deducted, depending on the stations you travel to and from. While the Single-use Ticket can only be used once, i.e. it is only valid for one journey, the MECard can be used for several journeys, limited only by the amount of credit available on the card, which you can top-up at any time. There are 5 MECards available: Adult, Child, Student, Priority, and Senior – each with its own terms and conditions regarding purchase and use.
Where can I get an MECard?

The MECard Adult can be purchased from the electronic self-service ticket machines at all stations. The MECard Student must be requested through the student’s educational institution, and all other MECards (Child, Senior) must be requested from the Rose Hill Central Ticket Office. Application for the MECard Priority must be done through the Social Security Office nearest to your residence. MEL is currently looking for more ways to distribute MECards through other distribution channels in the future.

Where can I top-up my MECard?
MECards can be topped up using the electronic ticketing machines at all Metro Express stations. The ticket machines accept payment by bank card or cash. Once this system is well established, MEL will look at offering more ways to top-up.
How much do MECards cost?
Adult: Rs 200 (includes Rs 100 credit)
Child: Rs 150 (includes Rs 50 credit)
Student: Rs 100
Senior: Free (for pensioners aged 60 and over)
Priority: Free (for people with disabilities)
Please note: In line with Metro Express Ltd’s pricing policy, MECard purchase prices are subject to change in the future.
What should I do if my MECard is lost or stolen?

1. Initially, MECards will not be linked to your personal information and will need to be kept securely in your possession.
2. Metro Express Ltd has implemented a personalised registration system linking the MECard to your ID card which means that if it is lost or stolen, it can be managed within the system.
Please register your MECard here

Can I get a refund of the remaining credit on my MECard if I no longer use it?

The monetary value recorded on your MECard can be refunded to you on request against an administrative fee, provided that this credit has not expired *. Please note that the credit value excludes the initial purchase price of the card, which is non-refundable. Once the credit value has been refunded, the MECard cannot be used unless it is reactivated **.
* Validity period: See 3.7. ** Reactivation conditions: See 3.8.

How long does available credit remain valid?
The available credit remains valid for 3 years from the date of the last top-up.
Can I still use my MECard if my credit has expired?
On the date that the available credit expires, (i.e. 3 calendar years from the date of the last top-up), the credit value is automatically reset to zero. The MECard can still be reactivated provided it is topped up again and is still valid. The MECard has an estimated material lifespan of 10 years.
What happens after this 10-year lifespan?
After 10 years, if the card is no longer fit to use, you may have to buy a new card. The credit available on the old card can be transferred to your new one, provided the credit has not expired.
How does MEL ensure that each MECard holder pays for their journey?
There are MEL inspectors on the trains and at the stations checking tickets. They are equipped with a card reader which enables them to check whether passengers have correctly registered their MECards or tickets at their station of departure before boarding.
Can I travel on the Metro Express without an MECard?
Yes. Simply purchase a Single-use Ticket at the electronic ticketing machine. However, we encourage you to buy a prepaid MECard as it is more convenient to use and time-saving when paying for your fares.
How do I know if the cost of my journey has been correctly deducted from my MECard?
If you registered your MECard correctly at the start of your journey (TAP-ON), as soon as you place it on the electronic scanner after disembarking (TAP-OFF), the screen will display the route you have just taken, the cost deducted, and the remaining credit. You can also use the electronic ticketing machines to check the details of the last journeys made and the fare price deducted.
I am currently eligible for free bus travel. Does this also apply to Metro Express?
Yes. Any passenger who benefits from free bus travel has the same privileges on the Metro Express. However, in order to benefit from this, passengers must use the appropriate MECard (Senior, Priority or Student) when travelling on the Metro Express. Do not forget to register your card before boarding the train (TAP-ON) and after disembarking (TAP-OFF), in the same way that you would do if using a paid MECard, otherwise the system will interpret it as fare evasion.
What are the different MECards?

There are 5 types of MECard:

  • Adult: Costs Rs 200, which includes Rs 100 credit. On sale at the electronic ticketing machines at all stations.
  • Child: Costs Rs150, which includes Rs 50 credit. Can be purchased at Rose Hill Central Ticket Office.
  • Student: Costs Rs 100. This card is only distributed through educational institutions upon request.
  • Senior: Free. Available at the Rose Hill Central Station Ticket Office upon presentation of the SC ID card and a Free Travel Bus Pass.
  • Priority: Free. Available at the Rose Hill Central Station Ticket Office, upon presentation of an ID card and a Free Travel Bus Pass.
Can someone other than me use my MECard?

Student, Senior and Priority MECards cannot be used by another person because they are personalised, i.e. they are reserved for people benefiting from free transport according to the policies established by the NLTA.

Can I use my MECard to travel on the bus or to pay for other things?

No. The MECard can only be used to pay for fares within Metro Express. However, Metro Express is working closely with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport to ensure these cards may be used to pay for fares on buses once the cashless bus ticketing system is in place.

How do I use my MECard at Metro Express stations?

Metro Express station platforms are equipped with electronic scanners, which must be used to validate your MECard before boarding the train (TAP-ON) and when you disembark at your destination (TAP-OFF). Place your MECard near the scanner’s sensor to validate it.

What if I forget to TAP-ON or TAP-OFF?

If you forget to TAP-ON using your MECard before boarding the LRV, it may be considered fare evasion. If you do not TAP-OFF using your MECard within a designated period (currently 60 minutes), the maximum fare will automatically be deducted from the stored value on your MECard.

What are the penalties for fare evasion?

Anyone who does not pay the appropriate light fare corresponding to his/her journey, or who travels using an expired ticket, commits an offense punishable by law and shall, if convicted, be liable to a fine not exceeding Rs 5,000 and to an imprisonment term not exceeding 2 years.

Will special MECards be available (for e.g. for weekend or tourist packages)?

In the future, Metro Express will consider offering special MECards. However, the immediate priority is to ensure that the current MECards and the ticketing system are functioning properly before more options are introduced.

I own a company and would like to offer my employees MECards. Does MEL provide customised cards for this purpose?

MEL is looking into opportunities to provide customised MECards to companies and corporations. Interested companies may send us a request via email.