Plis letan pou mo gym, plus de ME time

Plis letan pou lafami aster, plus de ME time

Découvrez la grille tarifaire de Metro Express

Pas bizin fatigué roule mo loto, plus de ME time

Plis quality time ensam, plus de ME time

Start your journey here!

My safety


Read and listen to instructions

Stay away from the railway tracks

Do not push other passengers

Allow passengers to exit before you board

Hold onto the yellow handrails throughout the journey

Do not litter: Keep the trains and stations clean

Road users

Respect traffic lights and road signs

Never obstruct an intersection

Never stop in zones where stopping is prohibited

Cyclists must never ride on, or near the tracks

Warning signs indicating you are approaching an intersection (3 bars = 240m, 2 bars = 160m, 1 bar = 80m

Pedestrians must only cross the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings

Advanced warning sign indicates an intersection ahead. Approach with caution!


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